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Small Business Investing

Small Business Investing

Small Business InvestingSmall Business InvestingSmall Business Investing

With A Goal, A Plan And An Exit Strategy

My Story, Words, and the Journey!

SPA Capital Management's first video telling our story to future partners.

Special Thanks to Elizabeth at HouseTwelve Media and Monique at The Groom Room Men’s Spa & Lounge for helping with this great video!

Who we Fund

Strategy, Chess

Acquisition Strategy

SPA Capital Management researches and analyzes small businesses with products or services that deliver above-average performance while provides a greater benefit to the end-users. These factors will be measured through design, scalability, profitability, quality, and customer satisfaction. 

Businesses, Brick and Mortar, Storefronts,

Acquisition Approach

SPA Capital Management, LLC. is interested in small business partnerships throughout Pennsylvania and New York with revenues from start-up to $500,000 (Gross Sales) in Consumer Product, Urban Green Spaces, and Leisure & Hospitality.

Region: New York and Pennsylvania 

Revenue: Start-Up - $500,000 (Gross Sales)

Business Types: Consumer Product, Urban Green Spaces, and Leisure & Hospitality

Other Types: Benefit Corporation and B Corp.

Small Business Investing Ideas

Current Portfolio

SPA Capital Management is a newly formed holding company. We are in the process of looking for our first partnerships with coachable small business dreamers. 

What we Fund

creative small business owners

Partners' Living Wages

Partners' Living Wages

Partners' Living Wages

Our partners will have the sustainability to maintain their cost of living (with minority ownership and a living wage) to run their business passionately. 

small business working capital

Working Capital

Partners' Living Wages

Partners' Living Wages

Our partners will have support to grow the business with much-needed working capital. 

talented personnel to manage small business operations

Talent Acquisition

Partners' Living Wages

Talent Acquisition

Our partners will gain talented personnel to help manage business operations. 

Our Exit

Small Business Partnership

Our Goal

Our goal is to acquire a majority stake in your small business. You will remain in charge of the company and day to day operations. SPA Capital Management and your company will host regular meetings to discuss business objectives. 

Our Plan

Our plan to help the small business grow by providing you our partners with a salary, the business working capital, and merge talent.

Our Exit Strategy

Our hope is to partner with your small business for 3-5 years and during that time (with strong sales and a realistic growth strategy) you should be able to buy back your equity annually.

Contact Us

Better yet, let have coffee!

Please feel free to reach out to grab a cup of coffee or fruit smoothie to learn more about each other.  

SPA Capital Management, LLC.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

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Curiosity starts with action


Anthony Dixon

Partnership Investor and Small Business Consultant